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Video Montage Of Old Paintings Of Chester

A Video Montage of Old Paintings Of Chester from 1710 Click either link or picture above to view Advertisements

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The “Old” Bridgegate , Chester – By George Batenham Circa 1800’s

The drawing below shows the Medieval Bridgegate, located at the bottom of Lower Bridge Street, by the River Dee. Its was entered by crossing The Old Dee Bridge from the Welsh side of the city, which is why it was … Continue reading

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A Painting of Chester From Boughton – circa 1780 By Moses Griffiths (1749 to 1819)

The painting below was created by Moses Griffiths (1747 to 1819) circa 1780, with a view looking from Boughton towards Chester. If you look in the distance (left) following the River Dee, you can see The Old Dee Bridge, with … Continue reading

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The “Old” Northgate, Chester – By Moses Griffiths (1747 to 1819)

The “Old” Northgate, was the infamous City Gaol which was used up until 1807, where it was demolished to make way for the current structure located there today. The Gaol was built into the rock, with parts being excavated below … Continue reading

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A Painting Of Chester From Boughton – Early 19th Century (Artist Unknown)

The painting below is looking from the suburb of Boughton, looking towards the City of Chester, looking in the distance you can see the gentle sweep of The River Dee heading towards The Old Dee Bridge, with The Meadows on … Continue reading

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Chester & The Roodee – Painting By Pieter Tillemans (1684 – 1734)

This is the earliest know oil painting of Chester its dates between 1710 & 1734. It is viewed from the South – West and shows horse racing directly on The Roodee. You can see the crowds of spectators standing on … Continue reading

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Paintings Of Chester 1870 to 1880 – By Louise Raynor

Louise Raynor was born in Matlock Bath in 1832, is well know for painting street scenes of the era, she lived in Chester from around 1870 to 1910 where she moved to Tunbridge Well, where side died in 1924. Below … Continue reading

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