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Northgate Station, Chester – Circa Early 1960’s


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Northgate Street, Chester – Circa 1930’s

Taken from heading out of the city you can see left Murmston & Son’s Flour Dealers (today Andrew Collin Hairdressers), next The Blue Bell Inn which is the oldest domestic building in Chester, followed by “Ye Old Fountain Soda Bar”. Continuing down is the … Continue reading

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The Cost Of The New Town Hall

The relative difference between the size of the old Town Hall (also known as the exchange) and that of the new one may be measured in comparison of their value in 1863. The old building was insured for £5,000 ; … Continue reading

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The Town Hall, Chester – Circa 1879

Below is a rare picture of the Town Hall, which was opened in 1869, if you look to the left of the building you can see a gap between where the Old Market was (opened in 1865) and the Town … Continue reading

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The “Old” Northgate, Chester – By Moses Griffiths (1747 to 1819)

The “Old” Northgate, was the infamous City Gaol which was used up until 1807, where it was demolished to make way for the current structure located there today. The Gaol was built into the rock, with parts being excavated below … Continue reading

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The New Market, Chester – Description From 1865

Below is an entry taken from an 1865 guide book of Chester, which describes the “New Market” which had recently just been built. We now approach the New Market, which was opened on the 10th of March, 1863, the wedding … Continue reading

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The Bluebell Inn, Northgate Street, Chester, Cheshire

Part of the Bluebell which is second from the right on the postcard date for the 11th century but the building was not licensed until 1494. This photograph was taken shortly before the Bluebell closed  in 1930. It is now … Continue reading

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