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A Painting of Chester From Boughton – circa 1780 By Moses Griffiths (1749 to 1819)

The painting below was created by Moses Griffiths (1747 to 1819) circa 1780, with a view looking from Boughton towards Chester. If you look in the distance (left) following the River Dee, you can see The Old Dee Bridge, with … Continue reading

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A Painting Of Chester From Boughton – Early 19th Century (Artist Unknown)

The painting below is looking from the suburb of Boughton, looking towards the City of Chester, looking in the distance you can see the gentle sweep of The River Dee heading towards The Old Dee Bridge, with The Meadows on … Continue reading

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Executions In Chester, Cheshire – Between 1658 & 1829

In the early part of the 19th century, the Chester historian Hemingway made a record of someĀ of the executions that had taken place at Chester between 1554 and 1829. The following list has been left in Hemingway’s own words, (Above … Continue reading

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The Trams Of Chester, Cheshire

The trams of Chester was created, with services commencing on 10th June 1878, by Chester Tramways Company, with the initial route from Chester Railway to Chester Castle, the route was then extended to Saltney the following year. The trams were … Continue reading

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