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A Painting of Chester From Boughton – circa 1780 By Moses Griffiths (1749 to 1819)

The painting below was created by Moses Griffiths (1747 to 1819) circa 1780, with a view looking from Boughton towards Chester. If you look in the distance (left) following the River Dee, you can see The Old Dee Bridge, with … Continue reading

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The “Old” Eastgate, Chester

The “Old” Eastgate was demolished in 1766 to make way for the Eastgate which is still present today. Illustrations from the time show it had a pointed archway between two octagonal towers which were four stories high, with battlements located … Continue reading

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Chester & The Roodee – Painting By Pieter Tillemans (1684 – 1734)

This is the earliest know oil painting of Chester its dates between 1710 & 1734. It is viewed from the South – West and shows horse racing directly on The Roodee. You can see the crowds of spectators standing on … Continue reading

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Executions In Chester, Cheshire – Between 1658 & 1829

In the early part of the 19th century, the Chester historian Hemingway made a record of someĀ of the executions that had taken place at Chester between 1554 and 1829. The following list has been left in Hemingway’s own words, (Above … Continue reading

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