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I started collecting Chester History in 2004 when my father got diagnosed with the terrible illness Alzheimers, i initially started to do family history to try and capture any memories he could recall (i got back to 1610 my wife side of the family & 1724 my side based on his initial recollections), to preserve them for my families future generations, when doing this i found his mind became very active talking about the past. Observing this i started to show old pictures of Chester, and the result was fantastic, he could recall many past scenarios , events, places etc. From this i started to collect all i could about Chester (no expense spared), with the view to try to keep his mind active, i have many pictures, postcards, books, adverts, etc which i would like to share, giving credit to the original authors where possible.


My Father passed away on Monday 9th February 2015, so i dedicate this blog to his memory #KeepItGoing , for without him i would not be the person i am today ..!!


If anyone has an article they would like to add, or pictures with a story you want to share you can contact me by using the Contact Menu  on the menu bar.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Iam interested in Chester Royal Infirmary History would like lots of photos on here inside and Outside including Theatres Wards outpatiets etc.


  2. Terence Whaley says:

    My name is terence whaley I am related to the late jtwhaley old post office saughall have you any more pictures, also I would like to know who owns it today as its still there thank you mr t whaley email terencewhaley44@gmail.com


    • the_joe_smoe says:

      im not a Saughall lad myself, but i know some people who live there, i am sure they can give you current information about it, i have a couple more pics, I’m sure of the shop, i will dig them out and either put on the blog or tweet them via my account @the_joe_smoe. I will come back to you about the current information. Cheers @the_joe_smoe


    • the_joe_smoe says:

      i have spoken to a Saughall resident who tells me the shop has now been converted into residential units , hope this helps.!!!


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