The Historical Pageant Of Chester – Episode VIII

Episode VIII

The Chester Pageant – July 18th to 23rd 1910

Siege Of Chester and Visit of King Charles I, AD 1645.

The final episode brings us to an important phase of the Civil War. Throughout the deadly struggle between King and Parliament, Chester remained true to the Crown and suffered heavily for her loyalty.

Charles, accompanied by a brilliant train, entered the City on September 23rd, 1642, and was presented by the civic authorities with two hundred pounds for his military needs, while another one hundred pounds was given to the Prince. Exactly three years later, the King was in Chester again in sadder circumstances, the City being then in a state of siege. From the Phoenix Tower on to the City Walls, Charles witnessed, with growing mortification and despair, the overthrow of his last field force at Rowton Moor. On the following day he intimated to Lord Byron, the commander of the City forces, that unless they were relieved, he might negotiate at the end of eight days the best procurable terms of surrender. Byron’s answer accorded with his loyal, fearless and determined character. Amid sorrowful prayers and blessings the King then left Chester.

The Chester garrison made a heroic and noble defence and capitulated, not at the end of eight days, when according to the King himself a justifiable surrender might have been made, but twenty weeks beyond that time, namely on February 3rd, 1646.

The Tableau

At the end of the eighth Episode, there will be a magnificent massing of all the performers taking part in the Pageant. From every direction the various Episodes will march on simultaneously and take up their position in front of the Grand Stand. The brilliant colours of the dresses and banners, and the rapid but well organised movements of the performers, will provide a spectacle that should make a worthy Finale to a noble Pageant.


About the_joe_smoe

I started collecting Chester History in 2004 when my father got diagnosed with the terrible illness Alzheimers, i initially started to do family history to try and capture any memories he could recall (i got back to 1610 my wife side of the family & 1724 my side based on his initial recollections), to preserve them for my families future generations, when doing this i found his mind became very active talking about the past. Observing this i started to show old pictures of Chester, and the result was fantastic, he could recall many past scenarios , events, places etc. From this i started to collect all i could about Chester (no expense spared), with the view to try to keep his mind active, i have many pictures, postcards, books, adverts, etc which i would like to share, giving credit to the original authors where possible.
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