Chester Regatta – Circa 1902

2015-05-17_10-15-56Below is a picture taken circa 1902 of The Regatta being held on the River Dee in Chester. The Regatta dates from the early 19th century , and is still a popular event today. In the photograph you can see a row of spectators gathered on the banks between The Earl’s Eye & Heron Bridge, watching Chester’s various rowing clubs compete with visiting clubs to win The City Challenge Cup2015-05-14_20-52-49


About the_joe_smoe

I started collecting Chester History in 2004 when my father got diagnosed with the terrible illness Alzheimers, i initially started to do family history to try and capture any memories he could recall (i got back to 1610 my wife side of the family & 1724 my side based on his initial recollections), to preserve them for my families future generations, when doing this i found his mind became very active talking about the past. Observing this i started to show old pictures of Chester, and the result was fantastic, he could recall many past scenarios , events, places etc. From this i started to collect all i could about Chester (no expense spared), with the view to try to keep his mind active, i have many pictures, postcards, books, adverts, etc which i would like to share, giving credit to the original authors where possible.
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