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Chester Exchange, Northgate Street, Chester – Circa 1860

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The Chester Exchange or Town Hall c.1860. There are many etchings of the Exchange, which faced down the street to The Cross, but this fascinating picture¬†Is the only one I…

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Bridge Street, Chester, Cheshire

The postcard below dates to around 1932, taken from The Rows looking down Bridge Street towards Lower Bridge Street. The picture show’s the then growing traffic problem with the increase of motor vehicles using the road. If you look closely … Continue reading

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Bridge Street, Chester, Cheshire

The postcard below dates from around 1905, showing the black & white house on Bridge Street. If you look on the left you can see Feathers Lane, which once leaded to the rear of the previous building called The Feathers … Continue reading

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Watergate Street, Chester, Cheshire

The picture below was taken circa 1900, looking towards the cross. The building on the right was know as “Uncle Toms Cabin” which became derelict and was later know as “The Gap”.¬†Today its has been replaced by a modern office … Continue reading

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The Pied Bull Hotel, Northgate Street, Chester, Cheshire

The building was originally the Recorders House, and was rebuilt in the 17th century, with a new front add around the 18th century. The hotel was one of the many coaching houses in Chester , and had Livery Stables at … Continue reading

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Blending The “Old & New”

I recently went for a walk around the city with some old pictures in my mind, so I decided using my iPhone to take some pictures in the same locations to see if I merge the old with the new. … Continue reading

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